Things to do Outdoors in Monterrey

Mirador Obispado and the Flag

The Palace of our Lady of Guadalupe now house of the Regional Museum of Nuevo Leon was  built at the final of the colonial era by the franciscan frier Rafael  José Verger, second bishop of the diocese of Linares as a restless home and prayer granted by the city of Monterrey in 1787.

This building known as the bishop´s palace is of great historical and architectural . The first restoration began in 1946 and in 1956 it opens as a museum. In 1998 were created the corridors and arcades of the fachade and decorum inside the dome of the chapel.

You can drive up towards the flag and go up to the Obispado which was a fortress in Monterrey during wartime. You can enjoy beautiful views of the city from there or drive up to the flag and get even a grander Vista.

Chipinque (Natural Reserve)

Located in the Sierra Madre mountains this natural reserve has an area of about 1,791 hectares and the climb up will take you to 730 up to 2200 meters over sea level. This reserve is a perfect place for a climb or a picnic. You can climb all the way up or you could just drive to the top of it and have a lovely meal with a stunning view.

Santiago, Pueblo Magico

Go for a drive in to the Carretera Nacional towards Santiago. Recently assigned the title of "Pueblo Magico", this small town keeps a beautiful colonial architecture. The main square has a stunning church and a variety of restaurants for lunch or dinner. From traditional Mexican food to Italian this little square has for all tastes and budgets. The feel of the place is so peaceful that it makes it a great place to forget about the everyday stress and have a breath of fresh air. 


There is a little market that is there every Sunday which sells crafts and also local cheese and honey. You can also take a 2 minute walk towards the church and you will find a set of stairs where you will get a stunning view of the mountains and the Boca Lake. The drive takes about 30 minutes from Monterrey off rush hour of course. If you want to go there on a Sunday try going around 11:00 am to avoid traffic, since this is a popular place for the locals.


On your way to Santiago you will also find "Los Cavazos" Local market on both sides of the motorway which sells a lot of crafts. Worth the visit if you have the time.

Cola de Caballo (Water fall)

A little bit out of Monterrey about 40 km towards Santiago municipality this beautiful waterfall will just make you feel like you are in a completely different world than the city of Monterrey. This little oasis is particularly beautiful during April or May when the weather is still nice for outdoor activities. You have fee’s for parking and entrance to the park. Around 50 for parking and another 100 to enter the nature park, but it is worth it. You walk up the creek with beautiful fresh water running besides you and once you get to the top the majestic waterfall view is worth it all. There are picnic areas and it is open everyday from 9:00 to 19:00. No grills allowed.

La Huasteca canyon (Mountains)

This beautiful park is very popular for those who like rock climbing and camping. You can just drive through and enjoy the beautiful views.

Paseo Santa Lucia

This artificial river connects the Macro Plaza in downtown Monterrey with the Parque Fundidora. You can take a little motorboat ride to cruise through it or you could just walk. It is 1.55 miles long. You can enjoy beautiful views of the iconic Cerro de la Silla and it ends up in Parque fundidora where you can have a look around the ruins of the Steel factory that gave birth to the industrial era of Monterrey.

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