Taco Patrol

Monterrey has thousands of taco establishments, let´s not even start of how many taco carts or taco stands are in the city. Below you will find the ones our Taco Patrol has tried and our recommendations.

Tacos La Güera... OMG!

April 17, 2016

We just couldn´t believe how good these tacos are. Mind blowing good tacos, we have tried some tacos in our time in Monterrey but these ones...Hit the ball right out the field. La Güera has been around for over 12 years, talking to her while we ate, she explained her rule was everything has to be made fresh in the morning. They start cooking at 4:00am everyday to ensure everything from the stews, tortillas to the salsas is fresh and you can tell when tasting these tacos.  If you live in the south of Monterrey you have to try them and if you don´t (like us) you have to drive here and give them a try because I assure you they are worth it. They are located besides a parking lot of Soriana, the middle cart is La güera. 

Taquitos Mode

April 08, 2016

Taquitos Mode is a San Pedro classic. Located in the Centrito Valle what started like a side business fromthe corner supermarket Mode quickly became the family´s main business changing the supermarket in to a taqueria. They have over 40 years in business and they are delicious. If you are close buy try them you will not regret it. Opening hours 7:00 am to 3:00 am. 

Tacos Meme

March 17, 2016

Another classic hangover killer in Monterrey. Tacos Meme has been in the region for over 30 years. Started with a little cart now they have an entire garage with tables. Parking is not the easiest there but they are well worth the hassle. All the classic good stuff is for sale here and they open for breakfast tacos until 2:00 pm and then for dinner tacos from 6:30 through to 11:30 pm. They do change the menu from morning tacos to dinner ones. It is not the same but we should know this by now! Anyway, try this guys if you are in the area. they are very good. They also have a lot of salsas, strongest one is the green one!

Tacos El Güero

April 11, 2016

This taco venue has a very diverse menu, from morning tacos to eveningones, and also cnchiladas, sopes and flautas. They are located on the side Street of Revolución in Contry. Definitely a good option if you are close by.

El Zaguan Antojitos

March 11, 2016

El Zaguan is a lovely place in the center of Santiago near the main square. They sale antojitos mexicanos ( Enchiladas, flautas, sopes, tacos and tostadas) and they are delicious! Brunch or dinner in Santiago, this place is really local and cozy, nothing upmarket but really good food and service. They have a beautiful courtyard to enjoy the spring weather in Santiago over the weekends.

Tacos Don Pancho

March 04, 2016

A Monterrey classic Tacos Don Pancho. Started more than 40 years ago in the TEC area behind one of the local newspaper offices in a little cart. The style of this tacos is “vapor” which means steamed. Do not be fooled that they are healthy they are as greasy as they can get, but they´re good! Specially the salsa they come with, not spicy, just tasty, you can literally drink that! Now they have franchised and there are many establishments around Monterrey. They are inexpensive and they have vegetarian options, potatoes and beans. To locate the closest one to you go to their website.

Tacos Jaime redefining breakfast

February 21, 2016

Small Taco stand right at the entrance of El Cercado. Located just besides a pharmacy´s parking lot it looked interesting at 7:00 am on a Sunday. First customer of the day we ordered 5 tacos. The tortillas were made at order, you can not get any fresher than that!


They have different stews about 10 of them. Our favorite ones were, Chile relleno de queso (Stuffed jalapeno with cheese), Barbacoa, Chicharron and machacado. All the tacos were delicious and the staff was super friendly. Cost per taco is 10 pesos and they are worth the trip to El cercado for sure! Closed on Wednesdays.


To find them you can go to their FB page, yes they got one, and see where they are exactly.

Tacos El Faisan, evening shift

February 25, 2016

This taco stand is right on the Carretera Nacional on the way from Monterrey towards Santiago. They are right besides a 7-Eleven at the intersection of the El Faisan community. They always looked packed so we stopped by for dinner and I have to say they are one of the best pastor tacos I´ve had in my life!


They also have a sitting area so you don´t have to stand outside. They have the usual, carne asada and trompo (grilled beef and pork), with or without cheese. They also make some monster hamburgers that rumor has it are very good (haven´t tried those). 


They also have baked potatoes stuffed with everything! They are the perfect meal after a party to avoid the hangover... Their portions are rather big, so 3 or 4 tacos feed a good eater. The staff is really friendly, though they do not speak English, but if you can count to 5 and pronounce trompo or carne asada and con or sin queso you will be just fine! 

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