Living the dream in Monterrey

In a large and thriving metropolis like Monterrey, deciding where to live is an important decision because let’s face it if you are not happy getting home, putting your feet up on the sofa and breathing a deep sigh of ‘I’m home’ then what’s the point?

Certain factors should be taken into consideration like the commute to work for example. The proximity to schools, supermarkets, restaurants, parks, and entertainment are also important. The overall safety of the area that you select in Monterrey is also key. By choosing a strategic location that maximizes these aspects will not only make your life in Monterrey more enjoyable but can make it everything you imagined it could be and more.

San Pedro is a popular option among expats due to its perception of safety and affluence. However, housing in San Pedro comes at a substantial premium and is not the only safe and comfortable option in this town.

Development in Monterrey has created several emerging areas, such as the south of Monterrey that provide interesting residential concepts centered on convenience and accessibility. During our time in Sweden, we enjoyed the convenience of walking to move around the city as an alternative to taking a taxi or metro. Monterrey isn´t exactly Stockholm, but we have found a mixed use project that provides numerous amenities within walking distance, may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but we LOVE it.

This project is called Nuevo Sur and is located on Avenida Revolución, a major thoroughfare. We were impressed to discover the abundance of amenities and convenient options located in the retail spaces below the residential towers. This mixed use concept is common in the US and Canada and includes a supermarket, movie theatre, gym, various restaurants, banks, miscellaneous shops, a private park, and even a hotel! All of this is contained in the same project so there is no need to leave Nuevo Sur.

The project is very safe as evidenced by the access control and CCTV systems in place throughout the complex. We decided to inquire about renting at Nuevo Sur and discovered that there was one tower exclusively for rent called Gran Ciudad Nuevo Sur.

Gran Ciudad Nuevo Sur offers 1, 2, and 3 bedroom options, both furnished and unfurnished. All apartment homes come with a fully equipped kitchen, an in unit laundry, dual function HVAC systems, and private balcony. The furnished option comes at a slightly higher premium but provides convenience and a comprehensive housing solution. All utilities and maintenance are included in the rent, except for electricity which is billed by consumption, so you only pay for what you actually use. The amenities are very impressive the breathtaking views of Cerro de la Silla won’t leave you wanting and to top things off the rent includes a pool, spa, fitness center, business center, resident room, and elevated terrace.

The central and strategic location on Avenida Revolución provides quick and easy access to all areas of the metropolitan of Monterrey, including Apodaca and Pesquería. Parque Fundidora is located within 7 minutes by vehicle, where you can go and enjoy an outdoor picnic, concert or event. There is also an activity trail where you can walk, jog, or ride a bike. Nuevo Sur is located near the Contry neighborhood, with plenty of private schools, if you have children.

As you can probably guess we love this place, Gran Ciudad Nuevo Sur is a great option for those that enjoy the convenience of being able to walk to dinner, the gym, or the frequent trip to the supermarket. There are very few areas in Monterrey that rival the complete and innovative concept of this mixed used project. If you would like more information regarding pricing and availability, please visit their website. You can also contact one of their bilingual agents via phone at 81.2222.2280.

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