Electronic FMM by Air is here!

Regardless of the reason you are visiting Mexico for, If you are staying less than 180 days and you´re entering by plane, this information is for you!

The INM (National Immigration Institute) is offering all visitors entering by air the option of an FMME (Electronic Multiple Migration Form). This form will ease and speed your registration when entering Mexico by air.

How to apply for FMME by air?

• From your country of origin go to the FMM section on the website to read all requirements and conditions.

• Fill up your details , from any device. Remember to point out the reason for your visit to Mexico.

• Review all your details.

• Print your FMME and save it for it´s validation at the airport, where the immigration Authorities will stamp it.

The immigration rights fee is already covered in your air fare, the cost of the FMME is already included when flying in a commercial plane (Does not apply for charter flights or private planes).

Things to consider when applying for a FMME

• You have 30 days to use your FMME so make sure you take in consideration when you apply and your travelling dates.

• Remember you may only stay in Mexico for 180 days with no working permit.

• The old way to obtain your FMM is still available in all entry ports of Mexico, nevertheless you now have the option to fill it up online.

• Together with your FMME you have to show your required documents for traveling to Mexico, passport and visa in case this is required depending of your nationality.

• Keep your stamped FMME, this form proves your legal entry and stay in Mexico and it will be required from you when exiting Mexico.

Note: In case you lose your FMM or it´s destroyed you must replace it immediately. Remember to always have it with you.

what are the benefits of the FMME by air?

Allows you to stay for up to 180 days in Mexico with no paid activities.

• You may visit and travel different cities and states within Mexico.

• Speeds you entry and registration in to Mexico.

So now you know, fill, review and print your FMM and speed up your entry in to Mexico.

*All the information above was taken from the INM website.

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