Kindergarten in Monterrey

One of the toughest choices I had to make when moving to Monterrey was where to enrol my little angel at 17 months of age.

As a first time mother I find the thought of leaving my baby to the care of strangers very difficult to deal with. The Swedish system is designed for a mother to be able to go back to work and put the child in day care starting at 12 months of age. I always thought that was going to be my case. I should look into which daycare is best within the options available in the area of Stockholm where I live, find out what the fees will be depending on the time I put my little girl under their care and so on.

Little I knew a year ago that I would have to do that in Monterrey instead. In such a big city full of options in the private and public sector, where do you start? How many is too many daycares to look into before deciding?

Made a few calls to the top schools as I thought that is the way to go. 60,000 pesos a year for 1 year old? Really?! I mean she is going to be finger painting and messing up around with clay, do I really have to go down that route? I decided for a smaller option instead of a big name school in San Pedro.

I was lucky enough to meet a Local mother who was just as demanding in the requirements she had as the ones I did, I´m trusting them with the most precious person on earth for me. She told me of the 12 schools she went to before deciding on the ’one’. Taking her recommendation I decided to visit the school on the following Monday morning.

Little Angels, is in the heart of colonia Contry, south of Monterrey. A small privately owned kindergarten it was charming from the second I walked in. Our little girl went straight for the playground. It was early morning so we were there while the drop off and pick ups took place. There were 3-4 staff members waiting for the dropoffs, the amount of staff working there was comforting since having too many kids under the one teacher, like in Sweden, was one of my worries. Happy with what I saw and after a good chat with the principal I decided to enroll ’our’ little angel. They are a bilingual school for children age 1 to 5 and for what I have experienced with them this first month and with our little girl, I couldn´t be happier!

It´s not only a great option safety wise, but every room has been given thought to follow their program and learning progress. They are very focused on building the self-esteem and self confidence in children which for me was very important. They also are fine with babies who are not potty trained just yet, which a lot of places aren´t! To my surprise some places expect you to bring the kids diaper free and well not everyone is ready for it at the same time…

The first days were a struggle for our little girl, after 17 months of only being around us, it was tough to let us go without tears. It took roughly a week for her to get in to it. They give us a daily report including how she felt during the day and if she ate and how many nappy changes. Another plus is that I get to pack her snack and lunch so I know what she is eating. The coordinator came to greet us morning and afternoon to personally give us feedback of her progress. Now after just four weeks she comes out waving back to her Miss and classmates when we pick her up. A big glowing smile on her face when she sees me at the gate and can´t wait to come show us her “happy” award. (A little sticker she gets for being good).

As said before I couldn´t be happier with the choice we made. Even though it is not close to our place, I have to drive about 35-40 minutes in morning rush hour, it is well worth it knowing she is in excellent hands.

I will not give away their prices as I do not know if they would be happy with that, but I can tell you it is roughly half the price of the “well known” San Pedro option. Money well spent for all I can say. Contact us if you would like to get their contact details or know more about them, will be my pleasure handing their information over.

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