Craft beer booming in Monterrey

Lately the craft beer industry has been rising like its foam in Monterrey. A variety of local craft beer is available now in different venues.

According to the producers this trend started with foodies going to festivals and directly to the breweries for samples and from these humble beginnings has expanded in to a series of bars and restaurants which specialize in craft beer.

For all of you who like craft beer and are part of this booming trend, Monterrey is becoming the right place for you. However there are many local and imported craft beers to try; How would you know which one to try next? You can of course go to the internet and google it, but wouldn´t it be nice to have a guide for it?

Well, we found an app which does just that, Maltapp. This app is a great guide for all of you craft beer enthusiasts. It is gathering in one tool all the different Mexican craft beers. It’s an independent app, does not belong to any particular brewery, which makes it neutral and therefore you can find most breweries. The app is very easy to use and includes a library with the information of the beer and where you can buy it.

It is available in English and Spanish and free for downloading on the app store (Mexico store), for google play it will be available in 2 months (sorry Android users).

What you can do with the app?

-Search for beers or scan their barcode to display the entire information of the beer. What type of glass it should be served in, ABV (Alcohol by Volume), IBU (International Bittering Units), what brewery produces it and more.

-Evaluate or rate the beers.

-Stay informed through a news feed about blogs, events and promotions.

-The beer library to search information about the app, the industry and the beers.

-Keep a profile with your history and rankings.

Maltapp was created in Monterrey by craft beer lovers who decided the world needed a tool like this for an industry that is rapidly growing. Even though Mexico is one of the largest producers of craft beer in the world there was no place to find them all, and now there is. So if you are a craft beer lover like us you might want to download this tool which is rapidly growing and including more and more beers in their library. For more information about the app you can visit their website

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