Monterrey a favourite for Expat workers?

In a yearly survey made by HSBC bank, Mexico ranked on the top countries preferred by expatriates to work in. Together with Vietnam, Qatar and Czech Republic, Mexico has been ranked on the top since 2007.

It is no surprise that Monterrey would be one of the top cities in the country to work in. Travel guide legends Lonely Planet sum it up in their latest updated 2016 Mexican version:

‘Cosmopolitan Monterrey is Mexico’s third-largest city, second-largest industrial center and número uno in per-capita income. This economic powerhouse has a strong entrepreneurial ethos, humming cultural scene, vibrant universities and the best nightlife in northern Mexico.

With sprawling suburbs of gargantuan air-conditioned malls and manicured housing estates, this is also one of Mexico’s most Americanized cities. Boasting world-class museums and a jagged mountain backdrop that offers terrific outdoor adventure sports, the city's attractions are diverse and myriad.

All of this makes Monterrey fiercely independent and very different to any other Mexican metropolis you’ll encounter, and its long-running rivalry with Mexico City is the stuff of legend. The city experienced the drug wars up close and personal as recently as 2012, but by 2016 cultural life was once again back with aplomb in the heart of the city, with boutiques, restaurants and bars thriving in the newly safe Barrio Antiguo’

We all know the city has its problems, but with write-ups like this it won’t take long before everyone starts catching on to what the city has to offer.

With many large international companies establishing in the city and major Mexican companies like FEMSA and Cemex having their HQ in Monterrey, it offers a vast number of opportunities for Expatriates.

The cost of living in Monterrey is also low compared to other cities in the world. Yes, Monterrey may be one of the most expensive cities in Mexico, but when you compare it with other places, particularly Europe it is downright inexpensive. This gives expatriate’s better financial balance, they spend less and with higher salaries it provides them with a better capacity for savings, retirement, real estate and travel. All this together and you get a fabulous quality of life.

I´m not even going to go in to how much the real estate is cheaper in Monterrey than in other countries, but our beer index tells us the average beer price in Monterrey is 35-45 pesos at a nice quality establishment while in the US one would be paying 90-120, Dubai 190-250 pesos, Stockholm 100-150 peso and we think you get our message. No need to go into food costs but the consensus is great value for money all round. Wages may obviously not fall into the same category as the above cities but we believe Monterrey offers great value. If one can nail European or US salaries here, then you will be living like Lord of the Manor.

As you can probably tell we love our city and hope you do as well, let’s together make it even greater by spreading the word.

This is only our opinion at Expats in Monterrey. As usual any comments relating to the above are welcomed

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