Monterrey. Where to live?

February 29, 2016


How many times have you asked this question or heard someone ask this?

As safe as a city with a population of over 5 million can be, it has good and bad areas.


Below some tips regarding where to live if you are planning of moving in to Monterrey.

San Pedro Garza Garcia, not really a part of Monterrey officially, as it is a different municipality. However it is part of the metropolitan area of Monterrey.

This by far is the best area to live in. It has the best residential areas, public parks and running tracks. The best bars and restaurants are close by and it is home of the best hospital in town, hospital Zambrano Hellion. San Pedro also has the best schools, from kindergarten to university. Sounds good right? Well this place can blow you away, especially with the prices of houses and apartments... It is expensive.


Now there are other areas which are developing in a quick and nice way. The south area of Monterrey, towards the Carretera Nacional, which includes residential areas from Satelite, Pedregal La Silla, Lagos del Bosque and all the way to La Rioja, Los Encinos and Sierra Alta. All of them in the outskirts of Monterrey, the south limit with the Santiago municipality. This area’s have houses that are in a much more affordable range, while they are still close enough to the city centre. Most are gated with a good community feel about them.


Lately a variety of venues and shopping centres have been developing towards the south end. La Esfera which is planned to be one of Monterrey´s biggest malls, recently opened some of their shops and it is continuously growing. The area also has recently opened a Home Depot, Lowes, HEB, Soriana, Cinepolis, Cinemex, Costco and an Office Depot. That seems to be just the beginning since every day there is construction going on and billboards of coming soon are everywhere. Another benefit of the south side of Monterrey is that just by driving a short distance you really feel like you are out in the countryside and away from the big city. I myself live in Santiago and love the clean Mountain air. For me I still haven’t decided which I love best, having an early morning coffee on my porch watching the Sierra Madres getting lit up with the sun or the spectacular colours of the sunsets when the sun disappears behind the same mountains it lit up.


There are too many other areas within Monterrey that we could talk about but we would like to leave that for another post.


We would love to hear the good and the bad of where our readers live, please share your experiences with us.


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