Driving in Monterrey, Mexico

So you moved in to Monterrey, great! It´s a lovely city, people are friendly, weather is nice and you start realizing it´s big! You´ve been in a taxi or you´ve got a colleague or relative to drive you around. Traffic is crazy and heavy. Would you ever drive here?!

Lets start by saying that if you are here as a tourist you do not need a license from Monterrey. Once you live here as a resident under a FMM, FM2 or FM3 visa, then you need a local license. If you dare take a chance and would like to exchange your license for a local one ,here is how.

The Instituto de control vehicular is the one expediting driving licenses. They are done on the same day and there are several offices all over Monterrey.

Here is a link for you to find the closest one to you. Not all the offices expedite licenses the ones we know they do are: Plaza La Silla, Pabellon Ciudadano, Plaza Fiesta San Agustin and San Pedro.


What do you need?

Official ID like passport

Original driving license valid for more than 1 year.

Your immigration visa FMM, FM2, or FM3

And a utility bill of less than 3 months, you can also present a bank statement or department store statement like Liverpool or Palacio de Hierro i.e.

Pay the fees: 365 MXN fro the license, 292 MXN for the verification total of 657 MXN.

If you are going to attempt drive in Monterrey, good luck! Oh and make sure you´ve got insurance.