Regio Slang...

So you took some Spanish lessons in school and you´re all confident you´re ready to chat like a local... All of a sudden there are phrases that make no sense, words that are alien to your Spanish lessos, what happend? Regio slang...

We´ve collected some of the phrases you may hear around just for you to know what they mean and why they are being said.

aguas (agooas): Is nothing to do with water...Its a way of saying be careful or look out.

a huevo (a webo): nothing to do with eggs...Means forced, or of course, must, mandatory.

bronca (bronka): fight, problem or argument.

curita (kooreeta): it is not a small priest...It´s a band aid.

carro o carrilla (karo Kariya): yes it is a car but when they say tirar carro they do not mean to throw away their car. Carro means making fun of someone of someone´s situation.

con madre: really good or fun.

cremoso: No they do not mean your are creamy. It means someone exagerates or over plays something.

chafa: Of low quality

Chelas o cheve: beer

Chupar (Choopar): yes it means suck but they mean drinking sesion.

Chingar: bother.

Encabronado/a: angry.

Fajar (Fahar): making out heavily.

Fresa: Snob or bratt.

Guácala (Gooakala): Disgusting

Güey (Wey): buddy or dude

Hasta la madre (asta la madre): Fed up of something or very drunk.

Hecho madre (esho madre): very fast.

Ingas: Short of Chingas but it doesn´t mean bother it means, no way! or how bad! or crap!

Jale /Jala (haleh / hala) : Job or working at.

Jeta (heta): nap or pulling a face depending on the context.

We´ll stop here, keep your ears open for these few for now.

Share with us your favorite ones below!