Our 3 favourite restaurants of the month

San Pedro offers a myriad of great places to eat. We tested quite a few this month and here are a few that stood out.

Gallo 71

Hip and trendy little brother to La Nacional and located in Vasconcelos this is by far the best steak we´ve had in a long time. Even though its pricey when one evaluates the quality of meat vs price it still wipes the floor compared to countries we have recently visited like Australia, UAE and Sweden.

They have a few signature dishes like the one above, Chicharron de Pulpo (Grilled Octopus) a must try if you like octopus. Charred crispy on the outside and butter tender inside this dish alone will have you coming back. Below a picture of our steak Espinita de ribeye, superb. Our table also ordered the 1 kilo cut of Rebeye a la sal which was as good a slab of meat as we have ever had. For 800 peso’s it’s not cheap but it feeds 3 people easily. The pistachio cake is legendary. They also have some excellent Tequila based cocktails and local wines on offer. Advance bookings a must particularly for Dinner.


La Embajada

Another favourite...Not only is the venue outdoor/indoor and a lovely vibe the staff is friendly and the food is delicious. Sitting outdoors in the bar area is great for people watching. They have a large menu predominantly Mexican cuisine so it is hard to decide what to eat. We ordered tacos de Chicharron and Taco’s de Ribeye, they are very good and always deliver. Guacamole never fails and they have ladies making you fresh salsa to order (around 30 pesos per salsa). Take the opportunity to order different variations and strength of spicyness (is that even a word?) The meat quality is very good have a look at our taco made from the Trozo de ribeye Angus dish. Wow... We eat a lot of meat...

Ok Sea food next

 www.laembajada.mx.

Los Arbolitos

Also located at the Main entrance Plaza de San Augustin this is a great option to have a nice lunch outdoors. Packed every day particularly for lunch with the local business crowd we found the service can be a bit slow but in general they are pretty good considering the volume of people dining.

Food quality is very good and they have a wide variety of things to choose from. Our Pulpo a la Brasas was super tender and fresh and one of the better ones we have tried.